New monthly music jam session 

The large Portion are the house band at the new Monthly jam session at The Sportsman in Croxley Green.

These will be 3pm-6pm and will run the last Sunday of every month. The first one kicks off on 27th August.

Why don't you pop down and jam with us?

The Sportsman is a great music venue and is now under new management and we are looking forward to returning to this great pub where we've played many great gigs in the past.

Entry is free and what better way to spend your Sunday afternoon ?!?!

See you there !! 

Noise complaints killing off music venues. 

So many great music venues are dying out because of noise complaints from locals who live near these venues. 

We have had gigs cancelled due to the council issuing a noise complaint to a pub we were due to play at last weekend. At the time the Landlord found the letter, after being away for the week and going through paperwork, he actually had a band playing downstairs and had to stop them halfway through and ask them to pack up and leave. The landlord had not long taken over the pub and was trying to establish it as a new music venue in the area. I feel sorry for the landlord as he is absolutely gutted, as are we as it was an up and coming new venue.

If you live near a music venue, to be fair, you must expect a bit of noise. Why chose to live there then constantly complain ?!?!

This isn't a one off thing. Music venues are now having noise monitors fitted so if you get above a certain level it cuts you off. All well and good for acoustic bands but not for those with a drum kit !! 

These music venues not being allowed to have live music are messing with peoples livelihood !! No live music means no business. 

Music venues are few and far between now and are dying out and something needs to be done.........